Important SEO Updates in 2013

Due to repeated update of Google algorithm to enhance their search result, many important SEO updates have taken place in 2012. The SEO changes that we can expect in the upcoming year are not clear yet. But the debate is still going on between people about the updates in 2013. Some people supports content marketing while others supports social medias. Following are some of the changes that are expected in SEO field in the year 2013.

Important SEO Updates in 2013

Important SEO Updates in 2013

Google’s Author Rank
Google’s Author Rank is the most important and most expected SEO factor in 2013. Google will consider this as important factor while ranking the content of an author. This ranking of each blogger will be decided based on some factors like niche authority, domain expertise etc. Author’s Google+ is also considered in content ranking. Overall, Author Rank and author’s reputation in social networks will be the deciding factors of content ranking.

Google’s ESA Update
Equivalency Score Algorithm (ESA) is the second most awaited SEO change in 2013 which is expected to be similar as Google Adwords Quality Score. Here the keywords are scored and are used for ranking ads along with the advertiser’s bid amount. ESA will help in giving equal place for all businesses while deciding the ranking.

Backlink Data Tool
Link Disavow Tool is used to get information about backlinks of a site. It is expected that Google will launch a new algorithm with this tool and the list of submitted links in the upcoming year which will report about low quality links and spam sites. And this will devalue forum posts and blog posts which were done for getting more backlinks.

Social Networks
Marking good presence in social media will be one of the most essential SEO factor for improving site’s ranking in the year 2013. Business owners can promote their online business through medias like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. for site’s better traffic rate.

If the people on social media find the site useful, they will share and promote the site. Hence Google consider social medias for deciding the quality of a site. Some people also believe that Google will bring this update for boosting Google+ as most popular social network.

Digital Marketing
Next important SEO update will be digital marketing. Digital marketing will move dynamic and useful business related contents, e-com system, and social media presence into online marketing strategies. Some update of Google will make more businesses to move on to digital marketing in 2013

Other Unchangeable Basic Factors
Some basic factors of SEO will be same in 2013 or even beyond. Including dynamic content with brilliant words that are unique as well as useful will be the basic key for better ranking.
The changes that are expected in SEO strategies will be based on the algorithm updates of search engines in 2013.

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