Important Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Page For Enhanced SEO

Many tips and tricks are available online for optimising your Facebook page. But they may not work as you have expected. This article lists down most prominent factors for optimising your Facebook page which will definitely enhance SEO.

1. Unique Page Title
The first basic step is to give a unique title to your page. Your page title means a lot to search engine bots. So include your business name with best targeting keywords in your title. But make sure that your title is not overstuffed with keywords.

2. Unique URL
Search bots consider URL as very important factor. So include URL which itself explains about your business. If your business name is already used by someone, you can try some keywords with it to make it unique.

3. Targeting Keywords
Similar to website optimisation, keywords are very important for Facebook page optimisation also. Search bots analyse your page using your Description and About sections. So include your best targeting keywords in these sections. But you should not cross the limit of 140 characters because full description can be displayed in the search results. If not possible, at least you can include only important parts of your description in the first 140 characters.

4. Contact Information
Your content information is very important for optimising your page for local search. Even search bots looks at these information. Though all your sales activities are done online, contact information are very essential factors.

5. Backlinks
The more the number of backlinks to your page, the more is the chance of getting higher rank. You can easily build backlinks to your page by linking to your website, blogs and social networking sites.

6. Consistency
Consistency is very important for successful SEO. A dormant page will never engage people nor impress search engine. So always post consistently to make search engines index your page repeatedly

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