Important Video Promotion & Marketing Strategies

According to ComScore’s research, viewers spend more time on video content than plain texts. Also found by Forrester agency that sites better optimized with video SEO ranks 53 times higher in Google. So these statistics proves that videos also play a very important role in ranking and branding after contents. YouTube is considered as the second popular search engine after Google. Following explains some important strategies of video SEO which helps your video to reach top of the list.

  1. Brand Rich Content

Make sure that your video best promotes your brand in an efficient way. Your videos should be informative, attractive and also the viewers should enjoy watching it. Before choosing a video production company, explore well and choose the best.

  1. Keyword Rich Title, Tags and Description

Ensure that the title and tags of your video are keyword rich and click worthy for viewers. Make keyword research for choosing the best targeted keywords which are most often used by searchers for surfing.

Best describe your video for easy understanding of both search engines and viewers. Also include keywords or key phrases that are simple and common in the description since technical or complicated terms cannot be understood by laymen.

Linking your video to related content will also help for better ranking. Also provide your videos with some on-page copy which helps search engines to index your videos easily.

  1. Video Length

People will not watch your video if it is too long. So you have to keep your videos short but still effective. Videos can run for maximum of 5 minutes. If it runs for more than 5 minutes, viewers will lose their patience and close your video.

  1. Video Sitemap

Video sitemaps are the best way through which search engines locate your videos and index to it. You can use Google Webmaster Tools for creating sitemap for your videos. Make sure that you include keywords in your anchor text.

  1. Allow Embedding

Allowing others to embed your videos on their sites will get back quality backlinks to your site. This will move your ranking to the top in the search engines.

Also share your videos with others through social networks and blogs so that it reaches more and more people and they will also start sharing if they like your videos.

Overall, video SEO will not only promote your business but also entertain the viewers and keeps them engaged with your organization. So utilizing this marketing strategy in right way will bring maximum gain to your business.

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