Indian Startup to Silicon Valley a good signal?

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India is seeing a boom in the startup ecosystem. Startup’s has been increasing at good growth rate. It’s a good start for Indians to fell the bliss of entrepreneurship from the corporate job mindset. Although there are many number of challenges to become an entrepreneur, Indians are overcoming this hurdle like a piece of cake with the help of startup clubs.

According to the NASSCOM report, India will host 12000+ startups by 2020 empowering employment opportunities to 3 lakh people. In the past decade India saw only the service oriented companies. Now many startups in India are developing a product like Google.

But at the same time by way of mentorship, many product oriented companies are being exported to the Silicon Valley and some others are selling their well-developed product to the Silicon Valley.

This is not a good sign of our country’s economic growth. Many Silicon Valley companies are really trying to dump the growth of product oriented companies in India. Another sad thing is , this created a huge misconception among startups in India. Now many Indian startups work on the goal to get to Silicon Valley or being bought by the Silicon Valley Company.

Government of India and startup clubs should facilitate and create a better ecosystem than Silicon Valley for tech-product startups as well as for all other types of startups and make India, A Digital Country.

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