Integrate Your YouTube Video and SEO for Enhanced Marketing

Marketing is the base that helps for business expansion. SEO, one of the powerful marketing strategies, helps your business to reach more people. You can make it still more powerful by integrating YouTube video with your SEO.

After Google YouTube is the second largest search engine. Around 4 billion hours of videos are watched by people every month in YouTube. Since videos are entertaining as well as informative, people prefer videos more for getting required information. Hence by using videos you can attract and engage more people to your business.

People will search for videos in YouTube by using video related keywords. So the title which you give for your videos is very important. Always include keyword rich title related to your videos so that people can easily locate your videos. Including right keywords will also help to move your videos to the top list. Also make sure that you include correct file format of your video (example – video title.avi).

Add link to other related videos when you upload a video. This will drive traffic to your other videos also. But linking unrelated videos will only turn off your site.

YouTube search result will display more related videos with most viewed videos at the top. So uploading video of one topic in one channel can bring more viewers which will automatically move your video to the top. You can still best use YouTube videos by including your business site and social networking sites links on your profile page.

YouTube videos can drive more traffic and helps to enhance your business effectively. Integrating it with your SEO will make your SEO even more stronger and will bring great results.

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