How to do International SEO?

The SEO international targets has multi facet and requires a different approach than a SEO within a single country. The most important thing is that how you structure your domain name and your URL.

You can identify and approach in any one of three ways given below as to mention the country the website is targeting and/or its language.

  • Using a top-level domain name (TLD)
  • Using subdomains
  • Using subdirectories


Top-Level Domains (TLDs)

In simple words, it can be defined as the extension that follows your registered name. For example, the registered name is “mensagam”, and is identified through its TLD “.com”. We can identify the most popular and prevalent TLD is “.com” and also it country-agnostic.

It is important to know that if you are targeting a specific country for which you need to use that country’s TLD or cc TLD say for example use .fr for France and .in for India and so on. The complete lists of TLD are available here.

It is practically impossible to have every countries domain that you target and only for those countries that your product or service is marketed. But it can be considered for targeted countries or those where you have a recruiting process.

It is considered to be as the effective international SEO effort when there is a combination of TLD with web hosts that are located within that particular country, but that too costs and logistics are associated.


Usage of subdomains can also be considered as another option that benefits the least using domain names for international SEO. Google has simplified that from all their subdomains as part of its root domain instead of as if they were from separate domains. It is helpful in using the subdomains if that websites has separate languages that are hosted in separate locations. Or else, just use subdirectories alone.


We might consider domain directories for some of the countries which are not active participants in marketing (e.g., for India). This would be more beneficial for smaller companies than that of bigger website companies of inbound links. This can be more benefitted if you have larger link profile for your root domain with a clear differentiation between locations and languages. Although,this might not benefit you as an individual or the TLDs but in the other hand rather it would make a great impact in overall larger amount of links that outweigh this.

The other side of using these subdirectories would separate your location and language sites which would not be able to host these directories in a different and international server. Ultimately we will be losing the benefit of having a server host your site that is located in India.

Final Conclusion

Choosing between domains, subdomains and subdirectories alone is not a complete strategy as with that of the aspects of SEO and more specifically with international SEO. You can choose your immediate rankings and that which makes the foundation for a long-term international SEO strategy which you would choose as the most practical option.

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