How To Pick Right Keywords


Keywords – most important factor through which people reach your site. So keyword research should be a part of your SEO effort to pick the right terms for your site. The basic of keyword research is to bring in large amount of right traffic to your site. You cannot expect that all your traffic will do business with you.  Some may visit causally while some other may look at your products to compare with other sites. They may or may not come back or they may share with their friends … Read More »

Issues Related With Link Building


Link building is a very common practise which is used to get more backlinks and hence to get better online visibility. But many sites face penalty issues due to problematic links after Google algorithm update. This article will list down the link problems which should be avoided to take the full advantage of backlinks.

Issues Related With Link Building

Issues Related With Link Building

  1. Article Directory Links
    Adding article directory links had worked well initially with Google’s Penguin Update (April 24, 2012). But now you have to stop adding these links. If you have
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Guidelines of Mobile App Optimization


With the increase in use of mobile devices, the need for mobile app is also increasing. Gartner’s research proves that above 185 billion applications will be downloaded before 2014. This explains the importance of mobile application since mobile marketing can bring large scope for your business. Google Play and Apple App Store includes around 700,000 apps. Hence following guidelines will help you to make your app reach your audience.

Guidelines of Mobile app optimization

Guidelines of Mobile app optimization

  1. Label of Your App
    The first influencing factor of mobile app optimization is the label which
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Latest SEO Tips and Tricks


With the introduction of new rules and updation of search engine algorithms, SEO task is becoming really tougher. Search engines are trying harder to enhance their result with high quality contents. Many people using illegal SEO methods may enjoy the benefits for short period. But once they are detected, they will lead to heavy penalties.

Latest SEO Tips and Tricks

Latest SEO Tips and Tricks

Following explains the legal SEO tricks which are within the guidelines of 2013

  1. Include More Synonyms In Your Content
    Its true that including more targeting keywords in your content will
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How Effective Is Facebook Graph Search


Social media marketing expert Gary Vernay has mentioned in his interview that Facebook is becoming equally significant as Google in organic search. The launch of Facebook Graph Search shows that his words may soon come true.
In Facebook Graph Search, information that are shared by friends of users will be shown along with general information on Facebook. People can search based on four areas.

  • Interests
  • Photos
  • Places
  • People
How Effective Is Facebook Graph Search

How Effective Is Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search uses EdgeRank for ranking. This considers number of Likes, when was the post … Read More »

3 Tips for Better Local Search Engine Optimization


The importance of local search engine optimization or local SEO in today’s business because in reality there is a lot of competition here. To achieve the aim to reach the top of search engine results page is by beating tremendous difficulty is without narrowing down their target audience. The local SEO enhance the reach of the company and at the same time reduces the money. A research shows that more than half of consumers toady checks online first when comes to local goods and services is important to note. Some … Read More »

4 Big mistakes that the business organizations make regarding the internet


With the widespread popularity of the dot com bust, people like Warren Buffet emerged really smart. Most big and small business organizations share an online space as this is the best way in which they can target the largest audience online. Although there are some big giants who love to make use of the internet in order to set profits rolling, there are some who are not even aware of the benefits that you might get when you tread the online path. The internet might seem to be confusing for … Read More »

Windows 8 – For New Generations

Windows 8 launch

The new operating system Windows 8 has been released by Steven Sinofsky (head of Microsoft windows) in New York. The operating system built on windows 7 base has underwent 1,240,000,000 hours testing in around 190 countries.

It has been released in about 140 markets with 670 million sales worldwide. Windows 8 which has been launched in 37 languages includes many new features like large scrolling tiles, full screen apps etc. It also includes Charms bar (vertical tool bar) with features such as Start, Search, Share, Devices and Settings. Apart from … Read More »