Latest SEO Tips and Tricks

With the introduction of new rules and updation of search engine algorithms, SEO task is becoming really tougher. Search engines are trying harder to enhance their result with high quality contents. Many people using illegal SEO methods may enjoy the benefits for short period. But once they are detected, they will lead to heavy penalties.

Latest SEO Tips and Tricks

Latest SEO Tips and Tricks

Following explains the legal SEO tricks which are within the guidelines of 2013

  1. Include More Synonyms In Your Content
    Its true that including more targeting keywords in your content will help a lot on SEO part. But the search engines now prefer only high quality contents that are natural. So instead of including same keywords in all headings, tags and URL, you can vary and shuffle them across your posts. Focusing on synonyms will also help your blog to rank higher in Google at great extent.
  2. Avoid Too Many pages
    Instead of including too many pages which uses same keywords, you can keep one page that is well described. Because duplicate contents will only cause problems to the bloggers. So post detailed articles with more than 1000 words which brings in more back-links and higher ranking in search engines.
  3. Vary Your Anchor Texts
    Anchor texts are the words which are used as titles of links in the post. Many people include only their keywords as anchor texts which worked well before. So start using varying anchor texts for better ranking. But remember that using many external and internal links for same article should be avoided. So always use click worthy anchor texts with slight modifications which helps for better external and internal links.

Remember that you cannot get the benefits of SEO immediately and can go to the top of search result in a single day. So always use quality content and don’t even think of using automated or paid links. It takes time for these SEO tactics to bring traffic to your site with better ranking I search engines.

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