Lies about SEO

SEO is very important for business websites to enhance business. But the business owners are misguided with wrong information about SEO by many companies for their own profit. Following explains some of such wrong information about SEO.

Lies about SEO

Lies about SEO

More Inbound Links:
Most SEO companies promises to offer more new inbound links. But with Google’s latest updates, Post Panda and Post Penguin, this strategy does not work well as it worked few years back.

Only the inbound links which come from good publishers who can present dynamic content will have positive impact on your site. But this is not possible to do so. The true fact is that the SEO companies get these links from spammy websites which only causes trouble. Some of link building strategies used are: Mass Website directory submission, Mass articles directory submissions, Social Bookmark, Blogs.

Mass Website directory submission:
Many software were developed for automatic website directory submission few years back. But these directories are of no use. And also the practise of usng anchor texts in listings has been penalized by Google’s Penguin algorithm update. So first remove the links from spammy website directories.

Mass articles directory submissions:
This is similar to website directory submission but instead you have to submit articles to the directory. Some phrases or words of articles are modified automatically which is known as spun .This helps to prevent the penalty of duplicate content but results in article which has no sense.
Lies about SEO

Social Bookmark:
Social medias are very important for high SEO ranking. Hence social bookmarking of websites on many social medias by many people helped to gain optimum search result ranking. But Google has banned such automated link building with its Link Scheme Webmaster Guidelines update in October 2012.

Blog commenting is one of the beneficial SEO strategy if done properly to add on insight. But these are not performed properly by some companies. They are done by people who do not even know English or by automated software programs which should not be encouraged.

SEO Work Hour:
SEO is an ever updating field. So no one can become complete expert in SEO. Because of absence of regulation, many unqualified have started providing SEO services at very low cost which should be avoided. While an expert chares minimum of $100/hour, a good firm charges at least $1000/hour.

Many companies are now creating articles to post on your site. But most of these contents are of not good quality. They are written with grammar mistakes, unnecessary keywords and with useless information. Search engines do not pay attention to such low quality contents.

Try to avoid all wrong strategies for proper SEO of your site.

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