A New Visual Tool Announced by Google For Web Design

Neal Mohan, Google’s Vice President of Display Advertising, has recently announced about Google’s new advertisement app called Web Designer in DoubleClick Advertiser blog. Google Web Designer is being developed to help advertisers and publishers to build creative web ads and web content assests using HTML5. This creative development tool will be available in few months as a separate tool as well as within DoubleClick Studio and AdMob. With the integrated version of the tool, you can use Google platforms instead of building HTML5 creative.

On hearing the name, Web Designer, many misunderstand that the tool is for website designing. But the main purpose of the tool is to create rich media ads which can run seamlessly across all devices and browsers in HTML5 format. The app is being developed by considering the increase in mobile device usage. The present version of DoubleClick Studio includes Flash tools for creating media ads. These ads created using Flash have some limitations like users cannot view them in mobile devices (tablets, Google’s Android Platform etc.) until they add on some additional plug ins. HTML5 can make rich media ads easily viewable on mobile devices. Hence Google Web Designer is being designed using the standard HTML5 to make the rich media ads run on all devices and browsers.

Other DoubleClick Enhancements

Web Designer is not the only advertising tool offered by Google with DoubleClick. DoubleClick application is 15 years old and was acquired by Google in 2008. Google AdSense which allows publishers to include ads on their sites was started 10 years ago.

DoubleClick is the program that allows publishers to deliver their ads on sites and to track analytical information like click through rate. DoubleClick is available as main version for publishers and as free version for small businesses.

Mohan has also announced about upgraded advertiser tool Campaign Manager. He also announced about integration of Wildfire and advertising with YouTube with DoubleClick to address the growing importance of social sites.

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