Online Video Ads, online video advertising company, has surveyed about 100 digital marketing and media professionals by this year. The report informs that online video ad spending will increase to 47% in 2013 from 27% in 2012. This increase is due to the planning of bringing TV and online video ad together. The survey has recorded that 58% of people wanted to bring both together and this time 8%  more when compared to last year.

Online Video Ads

Online Video Ads

According to the research, it has been proved that the broadcast budget of nearly 27% firms has been reduced to fund online ads which is lesser than last year’s percentage (34%)

The display ad budgets have been reduced to fund online video ad but the broadcast TV budgets has been increased. The report shows that the display ad spending has moved from 33% (last year) to 37%.

Based on the report, it has been known that the digital and TV video groups lack proper communication between them. But even then the online and broadcast video ads are growing.

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