PR, SEO and Content Marketing Are In Same Direction

There is a congregation between PR and SEO instead of fighting it would be better that if they learn from each other.

The recent dispute that whether Google has killed off the PR agency as it sparked live debate within their worlds of PR and SEO. These two disciplines are inseparable and entangled with each other it should have been of more like this in general “’Has Google killed all PR and SEO agencies?”

There are some significant impacts on the recent updates to Google. The not so important or the lesser the issue seems to be is about link building strategies and creating quality content that people would prefer to share. The PR agencies would bravely put the new world of creating its content that brands own, earn and pay for it. It is all about a PR agency’s whose DNA would certainly tell stories that are entertaining, specific and important to audience and in turn shared by the audience. By this way the consumers can now become journalists and can reach their audience through a number of platforms and media. This role is most challenging.

The major key changes that Google has tactically made up a PR agency; one such is the distributed press releases with optimized link text and larger perspective the guest blogging with keyword-rich anchor text links.

As a PR agency it has made us realize that a press release stuffed with keywords and picking up of the right information was like that of walking blindfolded around a supermarket and hoping to pick up the best ingredients for your favorite dinner. The way that these agencies work with the bloggers has been changed. It is the long term relationships within the smaller and influential groups are being cultivated.

The Google fortunately seems to be partly favouring in the search results produces by creating important, useful and interesting content that people will want to share and expose is that what majority of the agencies are already doing into the industry.

There is always a demand for high domain authority sites which tend to be the same reputable new sites that often the clients look for. It is an added bonus for our clients if these links appear as an integral part of securing coverage and being added as bonus.

There are links with a modest part of the SEO puzzle which are won hard and no short cut as MenSagam found out to their peril this year after they had been put into the mother of all Google sin bins.

However, these links [which only make up a modest part of the SEO puzzle] are hard won and there is no short cut, as MenSagam found out to their peril earlier this year after being put in the There are more than 150 links on regional news sites all in the form of adverts that caused a rankings slide.

There is always an element of poor judgement which is more than a degree of sympathy. We have been forced to take decision to build a new Smarts website which is about to start within two weeks after some of our own links were undertaken by a third party and known to us who put on Google’s naughty step.

All these experiences have made us learn more from all sides. So instead of talking of killing the PR or SEO agency it is always better to learn the one from the other instead which enriches.

As said, all these travel in the same direction—PR, SEO and content marketing!

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