Quality Guidance for Dynamic Website Development

Many websites which have very useful information are not being noticed by viewers due to their out-dated design. Website design is the basic factor which is first noticed by your visitors and makes them to stay on your site. This article explains about the top attributes for dynamic design of your site.

Quality Guidance for Dynamic Website Development

Quality Guidance for Dynamic Website Development

  1. User Friendly Navigation

Apart from fast loading of your site, you have to concentrate on its navigation also. Especially your site’s top navigation and side bar are very important. You can use top navigation for important links and side bar for links and subpages. You can also install BreadCrump navigation to tell your users how they have landed there.

The more you reduce the number of clicks for your users, the more you can make the navigation easier for them. Include key tags on the side bar so that people can find the information that are most visited by just clicking on them. Your footer should not be left with unfilled gap. Instead you can fill it with your secondary links. Finally make sure to include site map which will be very useful for both your users and search bots.

  1. Attractive Ads

Almost all websites include ads. But it should not irritate users instead of being useful. If more pop ups/ads keep interrupting people while searching for some information on your site, they will get annoyed. You can use some scripts that prevents the ads from popping up again and again. Always include some attractive and sensible ads in limited number (approximately 3) that makes people to click.


  1. Landing Pages

Landing pages are used to notify your visitors with some information immediately when they open your site. They can be done easily through sticky post or page using WordPress Development. But you have to do it very carefully because it may interrupt users from reading required information. So always construct a landing page wisely without annoying your visitors.

  1. Engaging Content

Attractive design and easy navigation may make people to click your site link. But only useful, engaging and unique content can engage people to your site for long time.

Your content should be fresh, clean and should make your readers eager to read more. Don’t use ling paragraphs. Include nice headings/titles to paragraphs, include keywords carefully, add some related photos and include links to related articles.

Always create contents for your readers rather than for search bots. Your readers will stick to your site/blog, buy your products/services and recommend your site to their friends.

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