Reasons For Increased Bounce Rate Of Your Site

The main aim of building a website is to drive more customers and sales lead for a business. But many websites instead of engaging customers makes them go back which is known as bounce rate. Following are some reasons for increased bounce rate of a site.

Reasons For Increased Bounce Rate Of Your Site

Reasons For Increased Bounce Rate Of Your Site

    1. Annoying Pop Up Ads

Some sites include unnecessary pop up ads which interrupts again and again without allowing visitors to view the content. Some other sites include videos or musics or podcasts which starts by itself without visitor’s consent. All these will irritate your visitors which results in their moving out from your site.

    1. Dead/Broken Links


When a visitor click some link on your site for getting some required information and finds just some error not the information, they may never come back to your site. So avoid dead or broken links which will only increase your site’s bounce rate.

    1. Unfriendly Navigation

If your visitors cannot locate specific information within your site even after long search, then this really means the loss of potential visitors. So make sure that your site has user friendly interface which navigates the visitors to required information with less effort.

    1. Some Mandatory Actions To View The Content

Some Mandatory Actions To View The Content

While some sites force their visitors to , other sites force them to register in their site just to read a small piece of content. These things have to be really avoided if you want to retain your visitors.

Even check your site’s load time. If it is slow, you have to make it fast because no one will wait till it gets loaded.

Now you can check your site with above reasons to diagnose the exact problem which increases your site’s bounce rate and can rectify them.

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