How to reduce the bounce rate for your website?

Website bounce rate is the number of visitors who immediately closes your site before viewing other pages of your site.
If your site’s bounce rate is more than 60% then this implies that your visitors are not satisfied with your site. So stick to following techniques to make your visitors stay longer on your site.

1. Test Cross Browser Compatibility
Even after including information rich content and attractive web pages, your site may face high bounce rate. The reason for this will be very simple. Your website will not be compatible with the browser of your user and hence your site display will not be clear. If your site display is not clear, then they will find it hard to access your site and will quit.

Webmasters usually test their sites on only one browser which they have used for building their sites. But its really important to check your site’s browser compatibility which can be tested using tools like Browser Stack.

2. Avoid Poor Content Organization
Next reason for high bounce rate will be poor content organization. If your website design is poor or your content organization structure is not clear, then the users cannot find the information they are looking for easily. They will get annoyed and move on to other sites. So make sure that your site is well designed and the information are clearly visible to the users.

3. Avoid Annoying Visitors
After browser compatibility and structure issues, people may quit your site if they are annoyed by pop up banners/ads, chat windows etc. If these things appear in between and interrupt them from finding the information they want, they will just move on to other sites. Though these things are helpful in increasing your site’s conversion rate, using all of them together will only result in high bounce rate.

4. Enhance Poor Load Time
If your site takes too long to load, people will not wait for your webpage to open. Slow loading may be due to the heavy graphic work on your site.
Google’s free PageSpeed Insight tool will help you to test your site’s speed and also gives tips to enhance it. Since Google is considering site performance as one of the ranking factors, this will not only help to overcome bounce rate but also enhances your site SEO.

5. Upload Valuable Content
The last reason for your site’s high bounce rate will be poor content. If people find that your content is not information worth, then automatically your site’s bounce rate will go higher.
So give more attention to your content and make sure that they are information worth, unique and valuable to your visitors.
Above five techniques are just starting for you to overcome high bounce rate. But trying these will really have a positive impact and make your visitors to stay long on your site.

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