Responsive WebDesign

Responsive design is one of the latest innovative features of web design which helps a website to fit according to the screen size of users. Other most important advantage of responsive web design is that it helps to create mobile friendly websites.

Mobile supporting websites are very easy to build when responsive web design is used. This website is easy to maintain and supports all devices.

Responsive WebDesign

Responsive WebDesign

Following explains the working of search engines (Ex-Google):

  1. First search engines know about new sites through its backlinks to other third party websites.
  2. Search engines will examine every page of the site.
  3. If the pages are built based on its algorithms, search engines will add on them into its index(database collection where search engines saves information about websites)
  4. When users type some search phrases in Google, the search engines will display the website based on its ranking to that specific search phrase.

Search engines consider sub domains as new sites. Hence the process of sand-alone mobile website (like will be duplicated. The content of the mobile site will be indexed by Google as content of both mobile site and its primary site which could lead to duplicate content issues.

The three important SEO factors to which you have to pay attention are content, code and the inbound links. But these SEO factors used for primary website won’t help mobile websites to improve its ranking. But all the SEO factors can be implemented to the site developed using responsive web design.

Some uses the technique of separating mobile site from non-mobile site. They will include robots.txt to stop search engines crawling on pages of their mobile site and add redirect if mobile browser is detected. Some problems could rise while redirecting users from non-mobile to mobile website.

  1. Sometimes website may redirect the users to the homepage of mobile site from where the users have to search for required information.
  2. Because of some changes made in redirection code users may be redirected between mobile and non-mobile site.

Websites developed using responsive web design do not face any redirection errors since it is supported across all devices. And also the changes made in primary site are reflected in mobile site also. Thus websites designed with responsive web design reduces time, cost, and maintenance and enhances performance.

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