Role of social media in SEO ranking

Social media is gaining importance steadily in the market and it therefore, is helping a lot with regards to SEO. In fact, several studies have been conducted on the impact of social media over SEO. A study was conducted on this fact, by an SEO agency ‘Search Metrics’, on the basis of the search results with regards to 10,000 common keywords on 300000 websites. The main inference drawn from this study was on the role of social media on the search engine and the Google rankings. In fact, as per the research, Facebook has the greatest impact on SEO, and the correlation of 0.37. On the other hand, the correlation with regards to Twitter is 0.25.

Role of social media in SEO ranking

Role of social media in SEO ranking

Key finds on social media:
Some of the key findings on social media with regards to SEO are:

  1. Social media has arrived in search–
    Social signals with regards to Facebook and Twitter are said to correlate strongly enough, with regards to the good rankings shown by Google index. The greater is the number of the Facebook shares, the greater is supposed to be its association with a correlation of 0.37.
  2. Top brands appear to have a ranking advantage–
    As per the study it was found that the top brands do enjoy better rankings. There are some basic factors which are supposedly helpful for the ranking of the web pages. These are the quantity of the text with regards to the web page and the keywords used in the headlines and also the titles. However, it was seen that in actuality, these do not have any effect on the well known brands.
  3. Too much advertising is a handicap–
    Just as it is important to advertise, too much of it is not good for your website ranking. Moreover, if you do not have up to the mark advertisements, it can result in lowered search visibility. So, it is not only high marketing specialties, but also the way you market your products which matters. If you put the greatest importance to advertisements, it can actually backfire in some cases. This as a result is going to lower your visibility status and also is going to lower the volume of traffic coming to your website.

So, these are some of the findings on the role of social media, if you are working to improve your search engine rankings. You need to keep the above findings in mind, so that you do not take any wrong steps.

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