SEO benefits of Responsive Web Design

Many website owners are really confused about their website design. They are in an unstable state whether to rebuild their existing site using responsive design or to build another site for mobile devices. Responsive design means the site auto fits to the screen size of the device and the browser used by your users. As long as new devices enter the market, responsive design will stay to target those multiple devices with one site. Responsive design has lot of benefits which also includes some SEO benefits as following.

SEO benefits of Responsive Web Design

SEO benefits of Responsive Web Design

    1. Enhances Local BrandingResponsive design will help you to enhance your local branding. In this fast world, many people are browsing using mobile devices while they are on move to save time. Even sites like Yelp, BGR reported that they get around 40% and 10% of searches from mobile devices respectively. Mobile search gives importance to geo specific parameters too. So you have to optimise your site for local SEO also.If your site doesn’t work well on mobile devices, then your site will have high bounce rate. This will be considered by search engines as poor performance and probably your ranking in mobile search will be affected.
    2. Prevents Repeated SEO EffortsSEO requires money and lot of time and effort. So why should you waste your money and time over multiple sites when you can use one site to target many devices. And almost all onsite SEO will be same for your mobile site too. One important SEO strategy, link building is a long term process and also requires money. If you use many sites for different devices, then you may have to do link building for each and every site from the vey beginning. Responsive design reduces your effort and saves your time and money.
    3. Prevent Duplicate ContentWhen you build a separate mobile site, you usually copy the contents from main site to your mobile version. But search engines may consider that your mobile site has duplicate contents which may bring some problems in ranking of your mobile site. Some webmasters use Switchboard tags to connect mobile and desktop pages to handle this problem. But this not the solution because you cannot be assured that search engines will make the connection. And responsive design also reduces your effort of updating and managing multiple sites.

Google also recommends webmasters to use responsive design as it considers user’s browsing experience while adding credibility rate to your site. Responsive design is not used by many right now. So this is the right opportunity to make your site get noticed by making it responsive.

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    vijay says:

    iam interesting to create new websites so please give yoour guidence how to create. any meterials send me

    • on May 16, 2014

      Yes Vijay,
      Thanks for commanding your interest, We would like to know what type of website you are planning to build it, Such as “static” (or) “dynamic” (or) “CMS” (or) “shopping cart”. Depends on that we can help you on better way.

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