SEO Changes In 2014

SEO industry has gone through many changes last year, especially with Google’s Penguin, Panda and Humming Bird Updates. This lead to division of SEO strategies into two categories – one giving long term benefits and the other giving short term benefits. The use of strategies like automated/paid systems or poor contents or links have lost its importance. Now only the strategies which can give long term benefits are ruling the SEO industry.
These changes are due to Google’s efforts – Humming Bird, Penguin and Panda updates which penalized the sites with poor contents and links. This has made those penalized sites to concentrate on long term benefit strategies for their better presence on web.

SEO Changes In 2014

SEO Changes In 2014

Following simple SEO tips may help you to better optimise your site in 2014.

  1. Online And Offline Networking
    Both online and offline networking will definitely set a new trend in 2014. Building links to your site to connect with more and more people is becoming really tough. So networking can bring many new opportunities to your business.
  2. Social Channels
    Active presence on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest etc. is very essential for strong web presence. Sign up for channels that have large access to your audiences and be social.
  3. Analytical Tools
    With analytical tools analyse your site completely which tells the flaws and weak places of your site and can help you to take necessary actions to enhance your site.

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