SEO Checklist for New Startup Business Websites

Startup means there are lot of things that keep us going ahead. It involves staffing, outreach, overhead, paperwork, development, testing and financing. It is very difficult for any startup businesses by their nature regardless of the industry.

While entrepreneurs are expertise in their own field and they are well known in conducting their own online business but they are actually more considerate about the SEO. It is not so important that you need dedicated SEO resources or a marketing team to optimize a website. Instead you can put SEO best practices in place so that it the business grows down the line process.

For any new websites or businesses requirement proper SEO ensures that people who are looking for your business’s name are able to find your website. The SEO will help the users who are searching for your products and services to find your site instead of their competitor’s. The most significant SEO results take months of optimization to achieve.

Listed below is a checklist that is essential SEO tips and tasks for any new startup website. Few of the points listed will take a few minutes while others require some development assistance. But, each provides a unique way of benefits to your site.

General Setup

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