SEO practices in 2013

SEO practices applied for businesses are ever changing. The SEO strategy which works today cannot be applied tomorrow. So your business has to adapt to the latest trends of SEO to stand out in the competition. Following are some f SEO practices to be implemented in the upcoming year.

Seo Practices

SEO practices in 2013

Traffic from Mobile Devices

Usage of mobile devices like tablet, smart phones etc. has increased. It’s been proved that the traffic of overall category has increased to a total of 150% last year. In future, more people will start using mobile devices to access internet. So it’s very necessary to adapt to this trend to drive more mobile user’s traffic in future.

Digital Videos and Display Ads

Digital Video has grown into a driving SEO force due to the easy and fast access of internet. Using digital video for creating ad videos or promotional videos will be the best online optimization. Digital Videos allow business of any size to promote their brand easily with excellent visual advertising.

It has been recorded that the digital ads has increased to 15% last year. Implementing your business to such online advertising campaign which can target more customers and more benefit will bring more profit to your company, moving it one step ahead.

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