5 Major SEO Mistakes Done By Small Businesses


Many small companies repeat the same SEO mistakes which are explained in this article. By avoiding those mistakes, they can rank better in organic search list.

  1. Using Duplicate/Old Content

Using duplicate or old contents on their site is a big mistake done by many business owners. This will only decline the online visibility of the site. Small businesses should follow the tips given below to enhance their online visibility.

  1. Hire a freelance content writer or a company to create unique content that well describes your product/services.
  2. Frequently update your web
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Significant Growth of SEO Services in India

Due to the popularity gained by internet today, the demand for SEO services has increased. Online businesses depends more on SEO companies to boost their marketing campaign. So SEO services have remarkably reached all parts of India.

A website which is SEO centric can help you to stay as a lead in your business domain. Usage of keywords that have high search volume can enhance your site’s visibility in search engines. The SEO companies in India are experts in designing such user friendly websites which drives in large amount of … Read More »

How to Build Dynamic Centric Website for Your Business


SEO service is one of the fast growing fields. This is because many companies have started their online business which is the best marketing strategy. The overall aim of SEO is to maximise your site traffic and build a wide consumer base for your business.

There are several factors which makes SEO a success. First hire a well experienced SEO company for all your SEO tasks and make sure that they adapt to latest technologies of SEO. Get regular updates about the development process of each stage from your SEO … Read More »

How to Overcome SEO issues by using WordPress Blogs?

wordprss-seo copy

WordPress is an amazing CMS platform that best supports all types of sites/blogs. Today many designers prefer only WordPress for its exceptional quality. Like other CMS WordPress too comes with many plugins and theme. Sometimes these plugins and theme may cause some visible/invisible damages to your site which may affect your site’s SEO. This article explains about such SEO issues and tips to overcome it.

  1. Change Your Permalink Structure

In WordPress, permalink structure means the URL structure. The default structure of permalink looks odd in WordPress like “default.com/?p=231” which will … Read More »

What is the Use of SEO Reporting Metrics?

seo metricis

In the beginning of every month, it’s very important to track your SEO progress of previous month. This will help you to evaluate the SEO strategies   used and your effort to know the real status of your SEO. This also helps you to know whether your SEO efforts are moving in right path to meet your goal. You can use following steps in your SEO reporting to bring out effective results.

  1. Set correct SEO Expectation

Many people think that SEO is only for ranking high in search engines with the … Read More »

What are all the Common SEO Mistakes?

seo mistake

Many people who run or assist someone to run a website do not have enough SEO knowledge. Due to lack of proper knowledge, they often do five mistakes which will only lead to downfall of the website.

  1. Keyword Stuffing

The basic SEO strategy that can generate more traffic to your site is including best targeting keywords related to your business. These keywords should be included in the contents of your site and blog and also in the page meta data. But overdoing it will lead only to penalization by Google. … Read More »

Simple and Cost Effective SEO Tips.


Simple and Cost Effective SEO Tips

SEO factors like website design, rich content, quality backlinks etc. are time as well as money consuming processes. Hence many small or developing companies cannot afford much for SEO.

Some simple and easy SEO tasks are available that requires only less time and budget but still can bring more traffic to your site.

  1. Check Robots.txt

Some pages of your site which includes rich content, attractive images and other strategies that can drive more traffic may be kept hidden from search engines. So you have … Read More »

How to Avoid Mistakes in SEO?

seo biggest mistake

Active blogging on current topics of your niche can bring a lot of benefits to your business. It keeps your audiences engaged to your site and product. It builds trust and strong relation between you and your audiences. It also helps you to reach new audiences. But all these are possible only when your blog is properly SEO optimised. Following are some SEO mistakes that should be avoided.

  1. Overdependence On Keywords

Using keywords is a must to target the type of audiences you want. But using them repeatedly in many … Read More »

How to improve small business using SEO?

small business seo

Many people do not have positive view about small business SEO. Their notion is that small business SEO requires lot of investments, time and hard work and yet they cannot stand against big businesses. But following points will explain about actual SEO of small businesses and how they help in raising their visibility.

  1. Proper On-Page Optimization

You have to start your effort with proper optimization of on page content and meta fields.  You can take the help of a SEO expert to make keyword research for you. They can guide … Read More »

What is SEO cocitation?


Every year due to updation of Google algorithm, some SEO strategies go out of date while some new concepts are introduced. But some strategies remain the same. Even now links are considered as important SEO factor and some other out dated strategies are now again resuscitating.

SEO cocitation was very popular few years back when Google was penalizing sites with poor quality links. If you are enhancing your SEO strategies which did not work in 2012 due to Google’s Penguin and Panda update, then reshaping SEO cocitation will be a … Read More »