Simple Link Building Tactics and Techniques

Link building is equally important as on page optimization for better ranking in search engines. This blog post list down some simple white hat SEO tactics for link building which needs only shows a week.

Simple Link Building Tactics and Techniques

Simple Link Building Tactics and Techniques

  1. Getting Started
    You have to start by choosing some keywords that have less competition and yet high search volume. Try choosing long keywords which usually have low competition. Google’s Keyword Tool can assist you to identify best keywords related to your niche.  Now you can start to build links to your site once you are finished with keyword selection.
  2. Build Links Manually
    By submitting your sites’ URL in directories like Yellow Pages, Yelp, Angie’s List etc. you can build more links. Though Google’s Penguin Update has decreased its importance, manual links can enhance your local SEO. All you have to do is to include your site URL with your profile in directories. Try considering social media like Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest also. All these manual links will bring back link juice to your site. Including your Google+ Profile URL instead of site URL in directories will be more effective. But you have to use this method only as one third part of your overall link building strategies.
  3. Links Through Citations
    You can ask the sites which have listed your company to link to your site using your company name or anchor text. You can also use directories which have listed your company but not linked to find citations. Citations can best help companies wanting to build their local SEO.  Companies that completely depend on online marketing should give more importance to citation from other sites which have listed your name. You have to use all the opportunities you get to build links. For instance you can ask the sites which you have sponsored to include your site link in their sponsored list. You can include your anchor text or site link in your press releases. But make sure to use only one address to build your citations. Because using many addresses will make your citation less effective as it has to split up for many.
  4. Links Through Contents
    Links that are built through contents are considered as very natural by Google since it is a long term and tough process. Content links should be given more importance than other strategies. Following is the step by step process for building links using contents.

    • First you have to find a high quality site that is relevant to your site and also permits guest postings. You can easily find them by tracking your competitor’s backlinks with tools like Open Site Explorer. By getting backlinks from other sites which have domain authority (DA) of more than 90, you can get top rank easily even without the use of many links. To know DA of any site, you can use SEOmoz Toolbar.
    • You can use the guest posting links included at top or bottom of the sites. If you cannot find those links, you can mail them and request for guest posting. Get their e-mail id from contact page of the site or by entering their URL in Ensure that the topic you have selected is really unique.
    • After the approval of your request by site owners, write value rich contents. Link location decides its effectiveness. Links in first two paras of your content will be more effective than links in the author byline. Always use strategic anchor text (one of keywords chosen earlier) to link to your site. Having many links from same domain is less effective. So always get one link from many different domains (nearly ten).
  5. Optimize For Better ExposureHaving presence in social sites will not have any effect on your SERP rank. It’s the number of shares or +1s or likes that your link gets for your posted contents in Google+ and Redditt etc. which decides your rank in search engines. So share your contents through your site, blog and social media marketing altogether to get better exposure. This increases the number of shares or likes or +1s which generates more backlinks to your site in turn enhancing your ranking.

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