Slow Decrease of Mobile Application Developers

Now a days the phrase mobile application developer is slowly getting decreased because no specific tools or developers are required to design those applications. General purpose application development tools incorporated with HTML, JavaScript and cascading style sheets (CSS) have removed the need of using specific mobile application tools and also the need of a mobile developer.

The CTO of Mensagam Techonologies  , LK Rajendra Prasad, said that new tools are always required for newly released softwares or applications. But overtime the general tools will incorporate the unique feature of those new tools. This is because even developers do not want to stick to just one platform. For a complete IT spectrum, developers have to develop applications for many type devices from basic to the most advanced. This made Mensagam Techonologies   to develop Alpha Anywhere with which developers can develop objects, methods, components and event handlers as they want for any type devices.

Still the debate about the tool providing better user experience between native application development tools (Objective for Apple iOS devices) and HTML5 is on. But it is true that native application development tools are better in providing functionalities and also bridged the gap between HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and native programming languages.

Bricklin adds that though many consumer applications can be highlighted as example for using native programming tools, still many organizations prefers only general purpose tools like HTML5 to leverage their business applications across multiple platforms.

Of course most organizations run behind mobile applications because of their increased mobile end users. But the access type of applications cannot decide the need for shifting towards new set of application development tools. The actual shift will be that the most proficient tools used now will become mobile friendly tools.

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  1. on June 22, 2015
    Medicin Advertising Pvt. Ltd says:

    Interesting post. I feel there is lack of mobile application developers as mobile application is challenging at the same time it can be even be made through free software tools available for people.

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