12 Social Media Productivity Tips That Actually Work

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In today’s world, social media has turned out to be a very crucial aspect of doing business successfully. However, this truth doesn’t give business owners or employees complete freedom to spend hours together communicating with their buddies. It’s important for businesses to use social media in a productive way through posts that build their business instead of just chatting and interacting.

It’s very easy for anyone to get distracted towards this network and get absorbed in catching up on with their family’s and friends’ activities.

Discussed below are some handy tips to help businesses retain their focus on productivity when using social media.

#1. Automate Your Tasks:

Automation is a crucial aspect of social media. With such a lot of things to do and plenty of channels, it’s vital to automate some tasks by using free apps or plug-ins. It might not be possible to automate relationship building on social media channels, but you can automate a whole lot of tasks like distribution of content to various social media sites and nurturing leads to qualify those coming from social media networks.

#2. Use a Content Editorial Calendar:

Using a content editorial calendar can help you in planning out your social media content properly and keeping you on your toes, thus saving a lot of time. You can plan content weeks or even months before. This can help you to focus on other important tasks. An ideal content calendar should include your posts’ plot, the appropriate dates for posting them, the post themes and other details like publishing time or which social media channel to use.

#3. Use Dashboard Services:

Generally, business owners use social media sporadically, getting a few minutes on and off as per their convenience. Make use of dashboard services such as Hootsuite that let them to see several social media platforms at once and post on them, thus keeping up with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Tumblr at the same time. The other advantage of such services is that businesses can schedule posts strategically.

#4. Dedicate Some Time to Respond to Your Community:

Rather than logging into your Facebook or Twitter account every hour to see if there are any queries or comments, dedicate specific time on a daily basis to respond to queries, comment and engage with your social media community. This is greatly advantageous as you will not be distracted from any other important work that you are doing. Spend some time in the morning and once in the evening to reply to the community. This can help your productivity to increase by a great extent.

#5. Exploit the Power of Content Curation Tools:

Content curation is a vital aspect of any social media strategy. Make the most out of these tools to curate content like a professional and post content on your social media sites.

#6. Focus Only on Effective Social Media Networks:

It’s great to exploit social media sites to build up product awareness, though there are some channels that help your business in generating more leads than the others. So, use analytics to find out which network works the best for you and spend more time and efforts on that.

#7. Engage Your Social Media Site Followers:

Rather than just advertising your products or website on the social media site, motivate your followers to participate actively. Post a question inviting them to post their views on a specific issue or a question related to your business. This way, you would be inviting them to be a vital aspect of your operations and you’ll get a valuable insight into their opinion. Here are some legit tips to get twitter followers.

#8. Don’t Get Distracted:

As in the case of any time that you spend online, a single social media post can result in an hour’s cute pet videos. It’s vital to set your time limit and know when you’ve crossed it. An infrequent social media break is justifiable and also healthy, though it’s vital to limit your social media time only to professional work during the workday as far as possible. This is including the posts you generate as well as read.

#9. Use Shares and ReTweets:

By sharing and re-tweeting posts that you find to be perceptive, you can go ahead with giving updates on a regular basis without the need to create your own posts. By selecting posts you consider will interest your followers, your customers will know that you understand your needs. By sharing others’ posts, you’ll also prove your respect for the others in the industry. It may even start a conversation that will lead to a business relationship for the long term.

#10. Share Old, Evergreen Content:

If you come across some old but evergreen content, you have to share it with your followers. Evergreen implies it’s still as valid and popular now as it was six months or a year back. This would definitely make your business more productive as you’re getting more value from old content.

#11. Utilize a Dedicated Browser:

Here’s another good way to focus on social media. Using dedicated browsers (the ones set for social media channel activities) in which tabs open the vital social channels automatically. This can go a long way in resisting your enticement to check your Twitter profile every now and then. You can also set a timer so that you can stop once the limit is crossed.

#12. Assess the Results:

You might have devised a killer social media strategy, followed it promptly, exploited the best social media tools, dedicated good amount of time to respond to the community and implemented all the best social media practices, but you’ll never realize the effectiveness of your efforts till the time you assess and measure the results. So, spend some time to measure and check which strategies work the best and which ones are not. This way, you can work only on the effective strategies.

Social media channels can be an actual time drain if you fail to manage it properly. To earn plenty of value in return and improve your business productivity, follow the above tips.

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