What is Social Bookmarking?


Some set of people uses social bookmarking sites instead of search engines to get some information they require. So bookmarking your site with other popular sites will help to drive more traffic to your site.

Social Bookmarking Process

  1. Social bookmarking is a time consuming process. Hence simply save your bookmarks with the keywords related to your site as the tag to a public website.
  2. In this process you have to bookmark three links. First bookmark your site’s webpages, then the webpage that points your website and finally bookmark the content
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Difference between SEO and Social media?

seo vs smm

In today’s world, gaining importance of social and updates like Penguin and Panda makes many to think that SEO will die soon. But actually if SEO is dead, then social media will also die in few years.

Yes it’s true that social is becoming more significant than before. But because of this we cannot decide that SEO is completely dead. We can consider this as the sign of good transition. We can see some strong strategies losing its importance or completely replaced with other. However, the overall basics remain the … Read More »

Five Significant Social SEO Strategies


Website design plays a very important role in success of a site. Appearance of the site is the basic factor to attract new visitors. Design does not speak only about the appearance of your site. It also means the ease of using your site in getting exact information. Hence a well designed website is the combination of classy look, easy navigation with concise and unique content.

Following are important factors to be considered in website design

  • Web Page Standardization
  • Web Page Layout
  • Web Page Width
  • Page Background
  • Fonts
  • Content visibility
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Why updating Content is important factor for Site Ranking


Contents are very important for a website to get high ranking. But including good content alone will not work well. It should be updated regularly to improve your page ranking.

CMS websites and blogs are becoming popular among online business through which they present dynamic and latest contents to attract their audiences. But make sure to post the articles that are related to your website and useful to your audiences.

Why updating Content is important factor for Site Ranking

Why updating Content is important factor for Site Ranking

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How Facebook Graph search integration increases your brand exposure

facebook graph search

Facebook Graph Search is gaining its importance since it is the integration of both SEO and social media which can bring more exposure to your business. Facebook Graph Search uses social graph which displays the search results depending on user’s personal interests. Search engines like Google and Bing give back the relevant results that are available on the internet. But Facebook Graph Search results include only the contents that are shared by users on Facebook. The search results will be displayed based on

How Facebook Graph search integration increase your brand exposure

How Facebook Graph search integration increase your

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How to get The Most Benefit From Social Video Marketing


Since few years social media has become dominant in internet. The number of population using social media is more and is expected to increase even more in next few years. So all businesses started taking advantage of this by advertising their products/services through social video marketing. By posting your attractive marketing videos in popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+, you can make your business reach millions of people across globe very effectively. This article guides you in getting the most benefits out of social video marketing.

How to get The Most Benefit From Social Video Marketing


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Latest Guidelines for Successful Social Media Marketing


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) includes some strategies to be optimised to your site for better exposure in search engines. Social SEO is the integration of social media and SEO which enhances your site ranking still more effectively. Some simple social SEO tips are listed below.

Latest Guidelines for Successful Social Media Marketing

Latest Guidelines for Successful Social Media Marketing

  1. Include Your Brief DescriptionAlways update the “About Us” profile page of all social media with your short and keyword rich description. Ensure to backlink your social pages with your website/blog and vice versa.In your Facebook page, check
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