Google Pixel – A Phone Made by Google

Google Pixel Smartphone

 (The venture of the search giant into the mobile world)

Google is an American multinational company related to internet services and products like online advertising, cloud computing and software. Most of the profit to Google is made by the Adwords an online service that places advertising near the list of search results. Google has made the Android OS that is powering almost every device in the world, Google has always been a company that has been selling to the brands. Recently they have made a great jump into the technology … Read More »

Slow Decrease of Mobile Application Developers

Now a days the phrase mobile application developer is slowly getting decreased because no specific tools or developers are required to design those applications. General purpose application development tools incorporated with HTML, JavaScript and cascading style sheets (CSS) have removed the need of using specific mobile application tools and also the need of a mobile developer.

The CTO of Mensagam Techonologies  , LK Rajendra Prasad, said that new tools are always required for newly released softwares or applications. But overtime the general tools will incorporate the unique feature of those … Read More »

Remarkable Growth of WordPress Development


WordPress is one of the best ways of blogging that has great influence on web today. It is a powerful Content Management Platform that provides web masters an efficient solution to all their web needs. Hence many service providers have started offering WordPress development service.

Benefits of Word Press as Content Management System:

  • Word press as CMS helps users to create contents faster and to modify it without using FTP.
  • It is cost effective since it is easy to download and install by a single click.
  • It is very
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National Institute of Ocean Technology is organizing an International Symposium on Underwater Technology

National Institute of Ocean Technology

Dear All, We are glad to inform you that National Institute of Ocean Technology Chennai is organizing an International Symposium on Underwater Technology 2015 (UT15) in association with IEEE, OES India council in technical collaboration with IEEE/OES Japan chapter during 23rd – 25th February 2015.

The symposium is focusing on themes such as Underwater Vehicles, Ocean Resources, Ocean Mining, Ocean Observation systems, Ocean Acoustics and its application, Marine Sensors, Navigation and Communication systems and Ambient Noise.

This three day event will provide opportunity for presentation of research … Read More »

Mangalyaan – Mars mission of India


Dear All

We the undersigned wish to express our hearty congratulations and deep appreciation for the splendid achievement of our ISRO scientists and other associated faculties and experts who are deserving standing ovation of people of entire country since the world first Space Science achievement by sending (Mangalyaan is world’s cheapest Mars mission)a Mangalyaan (meaning “Mars-craft”) spacecraft to Mars on its very first attempt and by that India becomes first successful country in the world.



We must be proud of being IITian since most of the Scientists of ISRORead More »

Reasons For Increased Bounce Rate Of Your Site


The main aim of building a website is to drive more customers and sales lead for a business. But many websites instead of engaging customers makes them go back which is known as bounce rate. Following are some reasons for increased bounce rate of a site.

Reasons For Increased Bounce Rate Of Your Site

Reasons For Increased Bounce Rate Of Your Site

  1. Annoying Pop Up Ads

Some sites include unnecessary pop up ads which interrupts again and again without allowing visitors to view the content. Some other sites include videos or musics or podcasts which starts by itself … Read More »

Guidelines of Mobile App Optimization


With the increase in use of mobile devices, the need for mobile app is also increasing. Gartner’s research proves that above 185 billion applications will be downloaded before 2014. This explains the importance of mobile application since mobile marketing can bring large scope for your business. Google Play and Apple App Store includes around 700,000 apps. Hence following guidelines will help you to make your app reach your audience.

Guidelines of Mobile app optimization

Guidelines of Mobile app optimization

  1. Label of Your App
    The first influencing factor of mobile app optimization is the label which
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Best Design Practices for Mobile Apps


Today many apart from just building mobile friendly sites have started creating apps too which really adds value to their site. The success of an app depends on its easiness and usability rate. Following are some design practices for your mobile app.

Best Design Practices for Mobile Apps

Best Design Practices for Mobile Apps

  1. Always include testing as a part of your mobile app design. You can go for platforms like Artisan for your testing.
  2. Remember that the apps you design are only for your users. So always consider the concepts which can give better experience
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Benefits of high-tech gadgets for non tech savy people!


Generation Y is completely dependent on technology, so the hi-tech gadgets are considered to be an indispensable part of their lives. These gadgets are basically used for productivity, mobility, convenience, technological advancements and increased performance. Therefore, these reasons are enough to know why technology has managed to grab an important place in our lives. Of late, it is really difficult to accomplish a task without using a hi-tech gadget.

Benefits of high-tech gadgets for non tech savy people!

Benefits of high-tech gadgets for non tech savy people!

Here are some of the benefits of hi-tech gadgets that you … Read More »