Traffic Sources To Your Business Other Than Google

Over dependence on anything will lead to only destruction. This suits o businesses which completely depend on search engines alone for generating traffic. Many business owners think that they need not spend money for generating traffic from search engines. But the fact is that search engine algorithms are constantly evolving and hence you may have to pay more for its demanding needs.

So you have to think about other traffic sources also apart from search engines. Following are some traffic sources which you can use to get traffic to your site.

  1. Paid Searches

Paid search traffic include sources like PPC platforms such as AdWords, Yahoo!, Bing or other second tier search engines and banner advertising.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is sending mails about your business or its latest news and offers to many. This may help you to reach more of your target audiences.

  1. Direct Traffic

This is an important source of traffic which can be built only by long term efforts. That is providing quality service/ products will help your business to grow and increase the conversion rate over time. This makes people to refer your business to others thus generating more direct traffic.

  1. Traffic From Other Sites

You can get traffic to your site by placing your link on other sites. This can be done by publishing white papers, press releases and guest posting on other sites. You can also participate in forum discussions or Q&A sites to drive traffic to your site.

  1. Blogs And Social Sites

Blogs and social sites are significant sources of traffic. Publishing value rich contents on your blog on regular basis and actively connecting to your audiences on social sites can help you to gain more traffic. But remember that you cannot achieve this overnight. It is a long term process which will pay back only after your long marketing efforts.

You can decide which source should get how much time and resource by analysing the statistical data of traffic and conversion rate of each source.

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