Types of PHP Application Development Frameworks

PHP application development is an open source server side scripting language written based on C++. This platform independent language is used by many developers due to its reliable web development features like high quality database functionality, user and developer friendly interface and high level security for all web applications. It comes with different types of frameworks which assist developers in managing front and back end very easily. Some important PHP frameworks are explained below.

Types of PHP Application Development Frameworks

Types of PHP Application Development Frameworks

  1. Cake PHP
    With this framework, developers can develop PHP applications n faster and easier way. Its incredible features and functionalities makes it more powerful. One main advantage is that developers need not install and configure for using it. They can very easily develop applications with the help of its preinstalled libraries.
  2. Symfony
    This open source framework, also known as Full Stack framework, sticks to highly accepted design pattern of web pages and sites, Model View Controller (MVC). This framework is updated two times a year in May and November with its new versions. An important factor about this framework is that it allows the developers to add on third party libraries into development process to make the applications still better.
  3. Smarty PHP
    This framework actually referred as Smarty Template Engine has one best feature which separates the PHP code and the application presentation. Other features like Pure PHP Template option and Template Inheritance etc. adds an extra credit to this framework.
  4. Zend
    This is an open source object oriented framework used for developing web applications for PHP5. Using this framework, developers can get best solutions for management, customization and installation.

All these frameworks can best assist the developers in developing PHP applications very easily in less period of time.

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    Deepak says:

    Cake PHP and Zend is the best one !

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