How To Use Link Building As Your SEO

Google Penguin 2.1 update in Oct 2013 focuses more deeply on sites with unnatural links than its previous update in 2012. This started to spread fear among small business owners who completely depend on SEO. But still some confusion continues as the messages from Google are inconsistent. However Google is repeating its same core messages to get more traffic:

  1. Build high quality website.
  2. Include unique and high value contents for target audiences.
How To Use Link Building As Your SEO

How To Use Link Building As Your SEO

But this alone cannot bring visitors to your site. Many sites have been deceased because of lack of promotional activities. So exposure is also very important for your site. Today SEO has become an integral part of online marketing. But yet webmasters do not have clear cut view in using link building strategies as real SEO. Few years back SEO was isolated and was only about optimizing sites for search engines. But now it’s about search engine ranking, social authority, exposure and back links altogether through content marketing. Following are some real SEO strategies for your site.

  1. Study Target Audience Needs
    Sites are built only for audiences and one that doesn’t meet their needs are useless. So webmasters should try to understand the needs of their audiences. In keyword research, try to focus on long keywords to get quick benefits.
  2. Content Marketing
    Content marketing is the effective way of getting more brand recognition, social reach and back links by including and sharing value rich information. Information rich contents with attractive videos can add more value to your site and also directs your readers to other resources through co-citaion. Using news jacking (contents on current hot news) method will help in fast reach of your site.
  3. Brand Exposure
    Brands can build better authority which is considered by Google as a ranking factor. So use traditional marketing methods like press releases, interviews, conducting event etc.
  4. Promotion
    Contents that are written excellent are of no use if they are not known to people. So they need promotions through Email Marketing, social sites, forum engagement, guest posting, interviews, PPC ads and event sponsor to be known by more people. All the methods that makes your brand reach more will definitely help SEO and hence should be integrated with your SEO methods.

Bottom Line
Real SEO is one which is for webmasters who wanted to stay long and ahead in online marketing. By using user centric content marketing and modern promotional methods, websites can early optimize their site even for Penguin 2014 or later.

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