Useful OnPage SEO Factors

Useful OnPage SEO Factors

Everyone wants their site to rank one in popular search engines. But this is really very hard due to heavy competition in internet market. So we can discuss about some simple onpage SEO factors which can really bring some positive impact in your ranking. Following are some onpage SEO factors which will be useful for you.


useful onpage seo factors

  1. SEO Friendly Title TagsTitle tags are very important because it is this which explains about your content to users. Apart from onpage SEO this will be helpful for your CTR (click through rate) also. Following are some tips for creating title tags or headings.
    1. Start your title with targeting keywords and also include your brand/business name.
    2. Make it short, clear and catchy.
    3. Prevent using stop words.
    4. Include your business/brand name in all your posts for its better reach to search engines.

    If you include lengthy titles (> 65), Google will not show it completely in search result. This will lead to loss of credibility. You can use Yoast plug-in’s Word Press SEO for better optimising.

  2. Custom Written Meta Description
    Generally Google will create Meta description for your site using related keywords automatically. But it will better if you include your own Meta description which is important for both your CTR and site traffic. So always include your own Meta description (not more than 160 words) with all your posts. Make sure that they are attractive and make users to click it.
  3. Keyword Rich Permalink
    Word Press has a built in support for custom permalink structure. After title tag, permalink structure is very important for
    your onpage SEO

Some suggestions are given below for your permalink.

  1. Make it simple, short, clear and keyword rich.
  2. Always prevent using stop words.
  3. Don’t give same link name for all posts. Try using some different names.
  4. It is better to use direct post link url %post% structure.
  • Right Keywords in Right Places
    Using correct keywords in correct places is very important to target your users. So make intense research for getting right keywords related to your niche. You can also use tools like Google Ad Word Keyword, ubersuggest, long tail pro, market samurai etc. and refer your competitor’s site for choosing right keywords.
    Including keywords in correct location is as important as choosing the right one. You can use them on titles, start, end and in between paragraphs.
  • Website Appearance
    Website appearance is the one which reflects the quality of your site to users. Well-designed site will have less bounce rate and more number of shares which will be considered as important ranking factors by Google.
    Many do the mistake of using free themes which provides you only with poor HTML codes and design. So always use  Word Press theme which comes with responsive design to suit all screen size well. Though you may have to pay for it, they come with many built in features which better optimises your site.

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