What is the Importance of Using Links in Website?


Links play a very important role in your website. Only a good working link can increase website ranking and bring in more visitors.

Links – Increases the site traffic

Links provide related information about a topic to your customers. You will have articles on internet with highlighted keywords which when clicked will direct the viewers to your site which maximizes the site traffic.

Links – Catch Spiders

If you add links to your website, Google spiders can find and fetch the contents more easily which will make your site a … Read More »

How To Plan The Strategy of Web Desgin?

web design strategy

Website – basic communication link between an organization and its customers. So web design is very important which has to be done with proper planning. Following are web design strategies to be considered for designing dynamic website.

  1. Set Goal

First basic step in web design is to identify your exact goal. You have to identify website type and its purpose. You can identify the goal by using card storming method among your stakeholders.

In this method, you can ask your stakeholders to write down website goals in the card and … Read More »

How To Avoid Mistakes In Web Design?

web design mistakes

Every web designer designs a site with the intention of making it success in achieving its goal. But because of some design mistakes the success of their site becomes merely impossible. When people come across annoying factors like slow loading of site, unpleasant color theme and unclear fonts, broken links and too many pop-up windows, they will simply quit and never come back to such sites. So designers have to make sure that the site they design should enhance the comfort zone of users and should make them come back … Read More »

How to Build your Website SEO Friendly?


With the change of time SEO has also changed a lot. The number of SEO agencies have increased, the role played by each and everyone within the agencies have increased, spamming have been deceased and lot more changes. But still one SEO strategy that is ignored even now is website design.

Your site’s design is the first thing that people see immediately when they open your site. Though your offer reliable service/product or upload trust contents on your site, people will just move out from your site if your site … Read More »

How to create an effective website?


Website design does not only mean the look of your site. It also means the ease of navigation. The time has gone when people were using only desktop computers to access websites. And also people were using up/down arrows on the browser window (at right) to view full page when they didn’t had mouse with scrolling wheels.

Now people are using their fingers for scrolling the pages on mobile devices. So now many websites include only few pages each of which scrolls on to make navigation easier. Even some websites … Read More »

How do Website Quality Decide the Factor of SEO Success?


Website quality – the major factor which decides your SEO success. Search engines update their algorithm frequently to display the websites which gives nice experience to the searchers along with required information in their search result. Site quality plays a very important role in converting visitors into customers and also to retain them. The four important factors on which your site quality largely depend are

  • Unique Design
  • Engaging Content
  • Friendly navigation
  • Fast Loading Page

Unique Design

Your site’s design is the first thing which people see immediately once they log … Read More »

A New Visual Tool Announced by Google For Web Design


Neal Mohan, Google’s Vice President of Display Advertising, has recently announced about Google’s new advertisement app called Web Designer in DoubleClick Advertiser blog. Google Web Designer is being developed to help advertisers and publishers to build creative web ads and web content assests using HTML5. This creative development tool will be available in few months as a separate tool as well as within DoubleClick Studio and AdMob. With the integrated version of the tool, you can use Google platforms instead of building HTML5 creative.

On hearing the name, Web Designer, … Read More »

How to estimate your website designing budget


Many web design companies are available which offers web design service at many different costs. So before deciding your budget, estimate the cost for the small parts that combiningly completes the whole custom website. Following are the parts to be considered for estimating the cost you spend.

  1. First just roughly write the budget you can spend.
  2. Then clearly list down your requirements and estimate the amount for each of it. This helps to avoid unnecessary spending of money for things which you do not need.
  3. Explore for websites of your
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Quality Guidance for Dynamic Website Development


Many websites which have very useful information are not being noticed by viewers due to their out-dated design. Website design is the basic factor which is first noticed by your visitors and makes them to stay on your site. This article explains about the top attributes for dynamic design of your site.

Quality Guidance for Dynamic Website Development

Quality Guidance for Dynamic Website Development

  1. User Friendly Navigation

Apart from fast loading of your site, you have to concentrate on its navigation also. Especially your site’s top navigation and side bar are very important. You can use … Read More »

Google+ and Google My Business’ Role in Your Local SEO

business role

Google+ and Google My Business Role in Your Local SEO

A recent study by Hobspot tells that around 50% of small businesses which depends on local SEO considers Google+ as an unavoidable marketing strategy.  Moreover Google has also combined the working of  both Google+ and Google Local to enhance their local search. This means small businesses should consider these two as most important marketing strategies and should combine both to work well for their local search engine ranking. But many do not have clear idea about this. Well this article … Read More »