How to reduce the bounce rate for your website?


Website bounce rate is the number of visitors who immediately closes your site before viewing other pages of your site.
If your site’s bounce rate is more than 60% then this implies that your visitors are not satisfied with your site. So stick to following techniques to make your visitors stay longer on your site.

1. Test Cross Browser Compatibility
Even after including information rich content and attractive web pages, your site may face high bounce rate. The reason for this will be very simple. Your website will not be … Read More »

Which Is Better For Your Site’s SEO – WordPress or Joomla?


The two most used CMS are WordPress and Joomla. This article explains the advantages and disadvantages of both.


Joomla is a popular CMS with which you can have at most authority over SEO of your site. The latest version of Joomla (2.5) is friendlier with SEO. Its advantages are it helps you to modify your URL, to initialise SEF URL, to include global as well as every posts Meta description and Meta keyword. Though it has many advantages, it does not include advanced features of SEO like control over … Read More »

Significance of Website Design in E-Commerce Business


E-commerce business is one of the fast developing field in which many people have invested. Hence in this heavy competition, the most important factor that differentiates your site is website design.

Website is the connecting medium between online shoppers and vendors. More attractive website can bring in more customers and increases the sales rate. To increase the customer retention rate, you should provide good usability factor for your customers. More the comfort they get while shopping in your online store, the more they will get attached to your site.… Read More »

Remarkable Growth of WordPress Development


WordPress is one of the best ways of blogging that has great influence on web today. It is a powerful Content Management Platform that provides web masters an efficient solution to all their web needs. Hence many service providers have started offering WordPress development service.

Benefits of Word Press as Content Management System:

  • Word press as CMS helps users to create contents faster and to modify it without using FTP.
  • It is cost effective since it is easy to download and install by a single click.
  • It is very
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How to estimate your website designing budget


Many web design companies are available which offers web design service at many different costs. So before deciding your budget, estimate the cost for the small parts that combiningly completes the whole custom website. Following are the parts to be considered for estimating the cost you spend.

  1. First just roughly write the budget you can spend.
  2. Then clearly list down your requirements and estimate the amount for each of it. This helps to avoid unnecessary spending of money for things which you do not need.
  3. Explore for websites of your
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Quality Guidance for Dynamic Website Development


Many websites which have very useful information are not being noticed by viewers due to their out-dated design. Website design is the basic factor which is first noticed by your visitors and makes them to stay on your site. This article explains about the top attributes for dynamic design of your site.

Quality Guidance for Dynamic Website Development

Quality Guidance for Dynamic Website Development

  1. User Friendly Navigation

Apart from fast loading of your site, you have to concentrate on its navigation also. Especially your site’s top navigation and side bar are very important. You can use … Read More »

Google+ and Google My Business’ Role in Your Local SEO

business role

Google+ and Google My Business Role in Your Local SEO

A recent study by Hobspot tells that around 50% of small businesses which depends on local SEO considers Google+ as an unavoidable marketing strategy.  Moreover Google has also combined the working of  both Google+ and Google Local to enhance their local search. This means small businesses should consider these two as most important marketing strategies and should combine both to work well for their local search engine ranking. But many do not have clear idea about this. Well this article … Read More »

7 Significant Factors for Choosing a Web Designer


Website is the best way for building wider consumer base for your business. These websites must be designed with unique design to attract more visitors. So you should hire a professional web designer to give a classy look to your website.

7 Significant Factors for Choosing a Web Designer

7 Significant Factors for Choosing a Web Designer

Following are seven important factors to considered while choosing a web designer

  1. Web designer must get your approval in every stage of design.
  2. Well experienced web designer must be given first preference.
  3. They should follow new innovative ideas to design a
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Tips for writing interesting webpage content


The content which you write for your website should be concise, easy understandable as well as interesting for the readers to make them stay back on your site. Following are the three tips to be followed for creating interesting web content.

 Webpage content writing steps

Webpage content writing steps

  1. Headline
    The heading itself should well describe the content which you are about to write. The readers should get to know whether the content covers the information they want immediately on seeing the heading. This avoids the readers to read the full content to know
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5 Best Web Design Practices For Ecommerce Sites


Ecommerce sites are built with the intention of gaining as much revenue as possible in online marketing. But not every sites are able to do so. So follow the best practices given below to turn your site into a money machine.

5 Best Web Design Practices For Ecommerce Sites

5 Best Web Design Practices For Ecommerce Sites

  1. Place promotions In Limelight Area
    Promotions, news or any announcements for offers are used for grabbing the attention of your consumers. But what’s the use of that if your consumers cannot even see them. So make that your promotions or any
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