What are all the Common SEO Mistakes?

Many people who run or assist someone to run a website do not have enough SEO knowledge. Due to lack of proper knowledge, they often do five mistakes which will only lead to downfall of the website.

  1. Keyword Stuffing

The basic SEO strategy that can generate more traffic to your site is including best targeting keywords related to your business. These keywords should be included in the contents of your site and blog and also in the page meta data. But overdoing it will lead only to penalization by Google. So always avoid overstuffing keywords and include only the keywords that are more related to the content of the page.

  1. Including Poor Content

Always make sure that the content which you create is information rich and is useful for your readers. Including poor content will only make people to consider your site as low valued and so your product/services too. Hence always include high quality content which can enhance your reputation among both search engines and people.

  1. Including Doorway Pages

Though doorway pages are not so familiar, many people use that for better ranking. Doorway pages are array of low quality pages with each page including some targeting keywords. But all the pages will direct the users to one same destination. Always avoid doorway pages which will only irritate your users and is also against the webmaster guidelines.

  1. Using Paid Links

Link building is one of the effective SEO technique that helps you to generate more traffic and hence to convert leads to your site. But if you use paid links to get more inbound links to your site, Google consider it to be unnatural and penalizes it. Rather you can get more links by creating good quality contents and sharing it through social sites and blogs.

  1. Including Invisible Texts and Links

Though your users cannot see the invisible links and texts on your site, Google can see them and will penalize it. So make sure that the links and texts are clearly visible to your users.

Overall creating valuable contents and using high quality backlinks should be your strategies for better ranking.

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