What is SEO cocitation?

Every year due to updation of Google algorithm, some SEO strategies go out of date while some new concepts are introduced. But some strategies remain the same. Even now links are considered as important SEO factor and some other out dated strategies are now again resuscitating.

SEO cocitation was very popular few years back when Google was penalizing sites with poor quality links. If you are enhancing your SEO strategies which did not work in 2012 due to Google’s Penguin and Panda update, then reshaping SEO cocitation will be a better idea.

Everyone try hard to build inbound links from high quality sources to their sites/blogs. Its true that inbound links are important for gaining high authority, PageRank, ranking and traffic. But concentrating only on inbound links will lead to link juice hoarding. So give equal importance to outbound links also which makes the link juice equal.

But you have to use only high quality outbound links. A website with low quality outbound link will also be considered as poor quality. This helps Google to identify and de value array of spammy sites since these low authority sites will be linked to other low authority sites.

Other more popular SEO cocitation is transitive relationship of links. Consider three sites A, B and C. Site A is linked to site B and C. Though site B is not directly linked to C, B can also get the authority benefit of C through A.

There are many domains that rank well without using keywords in anchor text of their inbound links. Understanding the SEO cocitation is little difficult. But the basic concepts like linking to related highly authoritive sites, linking to sites by also considering their other links quality are simple and yet effective.

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