What is the Importance of Using Links in Website?

Links play a very important role in your website. Only a good working link can increase website ranking and bring in more visitors.

Links – Increases the site traffic

Links provide related information about a topic to your customers. You will have articles on internet with highlighted keywords which when clicked will direct the viewers to your site which maximizes the site traffic.

Links – Catch Spiders

If you add links to your website, Google spiders can find and fetch the contents more easily which will make your site a SEO centric.

Links – The Navigators

Links serves as navigators to customers in your site. A good web design should include four basic tabs. They are “Home”, “About Us”, “Services”, and “Contact Us” tabs.

Links will direct the customers to other pages that provide detailed information about the topic they need. Periodic check on working of links will help to enhance your site ranking. 

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