What is the Use of SEO Reporting Metrics?

In the beginning of every month, it’s very important to track your SEO progress of previous month. This will help you to evaluate the SEO strategies   used and your effort to know the real status of your SEO. This also helps you to know whether your SEO efforts are moving in right path to meet your goal. You can use following steps in your SEO reporting to bring out effective results.

  1. Set correct SEO Expectation

Many people think that SEO is only for ranking high in search engines with the help of keywords that have large search volume. So you have to set correct SEO expectations to your clients and make clear that your SEO report is not just about ranking data alone. SEO is the combination of exploring high search volume unbranded keywords that can generate traffic and conversions in high rate and taking necessary steps to enhance SEO impact on your web presence. The impacts are high traffic and conversion rate, increased usage of keywords etc. Metrics that explains your SEO effort results are:

  1. Traffic and conversion rate
  2. Ranking Position
  3. Number of Web pages indexed
  1. Set Primary Goals

Setting primary goals for your SEO will help you to give your complete focus on them. Including your goals in monthly SEO report will explain the reason behind the SEO project to your clients. So setting primary SEO goal and measuring your current online status is the key. You can explain progress with your goals by measuring some SEO metrics and adding those measured values in your monthly report. Following are the SEO metrics to be measured for knowing the progress:

  1. The overall percentage of your site traffic along with the number of individual visitors.
  2. Number of various back links.
  3. Number of unbranded keywords included in anchor text generating traffic and conversions.
  4. Social signal rate
  5. Number of WebPages indexed by search bots.

Initially you have to set simple goals for your SEO even when you use analytics like Google Analytics, Coremetrics, Omniture etc. Once you get to know more about your site and your visitors you can set goals to higher level. Following will help to set simple goals that let you to know about highly converting keywords.

  1. Time Spent

If the time spent on your page is more, then the probability of getting high conversion rate will also be more. This means the content on the page have the keywords used by the searcher to locate your site and also liked the content.

  1. Other Pages Visited

The number of other pages visited will help you to know the engagement level of your visitors. If you try to know the keywords through which your visitors have reached your page, you can get more unbranded keywords to optimize your site for.

Other than keywords look for pages that gets more traffic and also indexed by search engines. Explore for opportunities through your metrics to better optimize those pages for high ranking.

Monthly SEO report is not just about presenting datas. It is to describe the opportunities based on the metrics to better optimize your site for top ranking in search engines.

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