Why Blogs are Significant for Better Ranking

Search engine optimization is very important for all online businesses. But not every business can afford for SEO. Its true that blogs are time consuming and also requires informative contents to upload. But blogs are very helpful in generating links and traffic. Following reasons explains the significance of blogs in enhancing your site’s ranking.

Why Blogs are Significant for Better Ranking

Why Blogs are Significant for Better Ranking

  1. First reason is blogging is the best marketing strategy for businesses with limited budget.
  2. When you do blogging actively, your business will get more exposure through social media sharing.
  3. Better exposure will make search engine robots to crawl your site which in turn brings more traffic and links.
  4. The more the number of people share your blog post through social media the more the traffic and links you will get. So include your social networking links on your site.
  5. Use your site domain for your blogs also which helps in the reach of your domain name to many.
  6. Do blogging atleast once a week and upload posts like podcasts, videos, photos, presentations, eBooks and press releases related to your business.
  7. The biggest and easiest marketing for new businesses is blogging. So starting your blog even before the launch of your business will give a good intro about your company to people.
  8. Share some useful tips with people through your blog. This will make many to read and share which will result in increased traffic.
  9. You can also press releases to grab the attention of your customers. Republishing your old posts which had more views will also help to get new customers.
  10. Google has now added ‘Author Rank’ as one of the ranking   factors in its algorithm. If your author rank is high, then the probability of moving to the top of Google page is also high.

The base of SEO is links which can be generated efficiently by blogs. Blogs play a very important role in ranking of your site. So start your blog immediately to get the benefits.

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