Win SEO Competition through Quality

Google’s Penguin and Panda updates and people’s increased continual usage of internet for finding information has lead to heavy competition in SEO with more focus on quality than quantity now. It is true that articles and press releases can generate more traffic to your site since it brings more backlinks to your site. But the true fact is that the articles and press releases will work only when you provide complete, accurate, information rich and fresh content to the readers. This will enhance user interactions, your brand promotion and customer organization relationship more effectively.

Along with quality, your content should be unique and different from others content which will highlight your products/services more uniquely from your competitors. You can include contents for your target audiences to make more people to notice your site which makes your business a lead.

Win SEO Competition through Quality

Win SEO Competition through Quality

Next important SEO strategy is social networks which smoothens and makes the relationship between an organization and its customers more stronger. Popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest helps largely in bringing value backlinks to your site and makes your site visible to more people. By including videos, infographics, images etc. along with text part like descriptions, transcriptions etc. you can still make your SEO more effective which will generate more traffic and helps to win the tough SEO competition and makes your site the lead in world wide web.

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