Windows 8 – For New Generations

The new operating system Windows 8 has been released by Steven Sinofsky (head of Microsoft windows) in New York. The operating system built on windows 7 base has underwent 1,240,000,000 hours testing in around 190 countries.

It has been released in about 140 markets with 670 million sales worldwide. Windows 8 which has been launched in 37 languages includes many new features like large scrolling tiles, full screen apps etc. It also includes Charms bar (vertical tool bar) with features such as Start, Search, Share, Devices and Settings. Apart from current control panel options of windows 7, other options like Personalize, Users, Wireless, Notifications, Privacy, General, Search and Share are also included.

A new application called Snap is also added which allows working on two applications simultaneously. It sinks well with IE10 for faster access and works well on former mouse driven version, Intel PCs, touch control tabs called RT in single window OS.

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