Youtube advertising basic guidance

YouTube is the second largest search platform used after Google. Generally people enjoy videos than reading contents to get some information. So advertising on YouTube is really a worth to do. Here are some basics for YouTube advertising.

YouTube Advertising basic guidance

YouTube Advertising basic guidance

  1. Sign Up For Google AdWords Account
    Start by signing up in Google AdWords and open for creating new video ad campaign.
  2. Connect AdWords And YouTube
    Click “Linked YouTube accounts” and go to navigation menu to connect your AdWords account with YouTube account.
  3. General Configurations
    You can customise the budget of your video per day. Its better to start from minimum and go to maximum as you gain popularity. It may be around $0.01 to $0.23 and you need not pay Google unless your ad gets viewers.
  4. Customise The Location For Your Ad
    You can set any specific location where your ad has to be shown by choosing country, region, city, ZIP codes and IP addresses etc. to target specific type of viewers.
  5. Upload Your Video Ad
    Now you have to upload your video ad to your YouTube account. Make sure that the videos are of high quality and in widely used format.
  6. Advanced Settings
    You can set the date/time during which your ad should be shown in “advanced settings”. Its better to schedule it to times during which more of your target viewers will be on YouTube.
  7. Targeting Specific Device
    You can choose any specific device which most of your viewers will be using to view your ad from “device targeting”.
  8. Targeting Specific Audiences
    You can set specific age, gender, topics, categories, interests, websites, words/phrases etc. to target any particular type of audiences who will be interested in your ads.
  9. Choosing Targeting Keywords
    You can use Google keyword tool to find the correct keyword that can target your potential audiences. Use long and relevant keywords to reach the right viewers.

Above explained strategies are only a start for YouTube advertising. However advanced advertisers can refer YouTube’s guide “Grow Your Business With YouTube”.

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